Ophthalmology and social networks

Social networks were born in 2000. Ophthalmologists are nowadays forced to take an interest in them, here is why.

By the end of 2010, 75% off internet users were visiting these social networks, this was taking 22% of their time spent online with an increase of respectively 24% and 66% in a year. In December 2010, social networks were reaching 84% of internet users. This exponential increase concerns the majority of social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Stay informed of institutions’ recommendations

Governmental institutions are, for the most part, present on social networks. Their activity on Twitter and Facebook shows their interest in those websites. Social networks give institutions the opportunity to keep a journal up to date with daily scientific publications and studies.

Ophthalmology publications

The world ophthalmology congress congress’s news are available on its Facebook page. Aside from non-specialized magazines (British medical journal, journal of the American medical Association, New England journal of Medicine, etc.), social networks provide an easy access to journals specialized in ophthalmology: archives of Ophthalmology on Facebook or Twitter, Journal of Refractive surgery, Journal of pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus, Ophthalmic surgery laser & Imaging, etc.

Since social networks reach almost every internet user, it is now more than beneficial for ophthalmologists to establish their presence on those websites.


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