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Change the color of your eyes!

You’re wondering what it would be like to have blues eyes because you’re tired of wearing lenses. What if you were told you could change your eye color to blue permanently? You don’t believe it?
BrightOcular’s colored iris implants have been used for a long time now and they are totally safe!
You can change your eye color  for a very competitive price.

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Protect your eyes when you’re driving at night!

Driving during nighttime is no easy task. Imagine what it’s like for those who work, driving at night.
Car headlights are particularly annoying at night and so is reduced visibility. You must stay focused in spite of those difficulties and it can tire you.
How can you make this easier on your eyes?

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Lasik or old fashioned glasses ?

Usually when a new technology appears, a few others become obsolete. For thousands of years, horses were the main transportation and they were used for agricultural work. They were replaced when steam engine was born. Even modern technology like smartphones don’t last very long, it seems that a new version of the phone come out every two years.Read more…

Brighten your eyes with implants and feel beautiful

Getting colored iris implants can give you a whole new look. Clearly, if you don’t like the color of your eyes, an eye color change can do a lot for you. How do you feel about getting Brightocular’s colored implants in order to permanently change the color of your eyes?

Get the best quality

The iris implants we are using are made by Brightocular and this is a real pledge of quality. It’s our duty to inform you that implant-iris is the exclusive Brightocular’s iris implants distributor in Africa. This surgery is performed by Doctor Osama Al Nahrawy, a well-known ophthalmic surgeon recognized throughout the scientific community.Read more…