Why do some people have blue eyes ?

Nature is not always kind!  Your big brother has beautiful blue eyes and you have your father’s   brown eyes !Dark coloured eyes are just as nice as light coloured eyes but if you  concentrate on this “detail”,  then it’s true that your brother was luckier than you !  It’s genetics that determines the colour of your eyes and it’s all a question of probability!  So you had one chance out of four of inheriting blue eyes !


You  will have to consult your science text books!  In genetics, there are dominant and recessive genes.  The blue gene is recessive compared to the dominant brown gene.  So if your brother has brown eyes,  it means that both your parents possess the recessive blue gene.  When you were conceived, you got  half of the chromosomes from your mother and half from your father.   Your brother received the two recessive genes so he had one chance out of 4 ………….lucky boy!


What if we told you that the situation can be reversed and that you can have blue eyes just as beautiful as your brother’s ?  We cannot put  you in a time machine but we can propose a coloured iris implant.   We are the exclusive agents for BrightOcular implants in Tunisia.

By having your operation done in Tunis, you  have a guarantee that the colour of your eyes will be changed, without spoiling your looks, thanks to the skills of acknowledged surgeons.


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