Which procedures to choose to treat myopia?

Laser eye surgery (PRK) or Lasik? Implants? Identify which laser procedure is feasible depending on the severity of your myopia. Limitations and indications of myopia surgery can differ depending on the thickness of the cornea, the regularity of the cornea, size of the pupil, the associated astigmatism, the age of the patient, sport and professional activity…
Laser surgery for myopia is always performed with an excimer laser whether in Lasik (classic or femtosecond) or in surface laser procedure (PRK).

Myopia treatment with the excimer laser can be standard,

It only corrects myopia to be able to see without glasses. This was the goal of laser eye surgery 30 years ago, it is not enough nowadays.

Myopia treatment with the excimer laser can be optimized

Depending on the visual defect of each subject. A thorough examination of the patient’s eyes is the best way to avoid side effects and postoperative complications.

Lasik in Tunisia is about more than just seeing without glasses, it’s about vision quality. It is today patient’s main satisfaction factor. Without glasses, yes, but more importantly, precise, with contrast, clean, high definition, proper night vision…
Vision quality also means no side effects: halos, double vision, blurry vision, fluctuant vision, glares. It is possible to adapt each myopia surgery in order to improve vision quality and avoid those side effects. This only possible if the surgeon has a great experience with this type of procedures and has the required equipment at his disposal.


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