Tattooing of eyes : attention danger !

The  latest  fashion sweeping across the USA?  The  tattooing of eyes! The eyeball  is injected with ink and this may seem ultra bizarre and yet more and more people are doing it!

The trial of Jason Bamum, a criminal,  who has a completely black eye,  increased the number of demands   for this kind of practice.   Is this a good practice and without danger?


Only about ten years ago, an American tattooist, Luna Cobra, wanted to reproduce the blue colour of the eyes of people in the Dune science-fiction cult film. That’s when he thought of  injecting ink. ” An old  friend  had  touched up a photo of his eyes so that they would resemble those of Dune.   I said to him ” I think I can do that for you”, said he to the BBC.  The next day Luna Cobra  experimented on three volunteer friends.

a  dangerous   TECHNIQUE

Even if the technique has evolved through the years,  it is still quite impressive, but it is not a doctor who is doing this but a tattooist.

The pigment is injected directly into the eyeball  so that it stays under the upper thin layer of the eye, the conjunctiva.   The pigment needs to be injected several times to tint the whole surface.   The American  Optometry  Association   strongly condemned this practice. which could cause infections, inflammation and even blindness.

COLOuring  the  iris !

With the BrightOcular coloured iris implant, you can change the colour of your eyes in a clinic  after the operation carried out by a great surgeon  like  Doctor  Montassar  Menif.  Do contact us for further detail.


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