Protect your eyes when you’re driving at night!

Driving during nighttime is no easy task. Imagine what it’s like for those who work, driving at night.
Car headlights are particularly annoying at night and so is reduced visibility. You must stay focused in spite of those difficulties and it can tire you.
How can you make this easier on your eyes?

Don’t stare at car headlights

First of all, car headlights are not causing any damage to your eyes, it’s a misconception. What’s really dangerous on the other hand is our behavior toward this dazzling light.
What can tire the eyes when driving is looking to the lights while trying to watch the road.
It must be a reflex, there’s no reason for it, we just look at the lights but in order to stay focused you need to look away when you catch yourself staring.

If you are nearsighted

If your condition is severe, driving is hard and uncomfortable. You must avoid driving during nighttime, especially for long periods of time. It’s usually not recommended for a nearsighted person to work driving at night.


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