Myopia: when should i get the procedure?

Which treatments ?

No matter the severity of the myopia, the deficiency of the eye can easily be counterbalanced by the use of glasses that suit your vision. Contact lenses can also be a good option. Although they are more discreet, they are more demanding in terms of maintenance because they need to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid irritation of the eye. Long duration contact lenses in particular need to be cleaned and decontaminated every day.

Contact lenses for kids are now available, and also night lenses which are to be wore during sleep. Those can modify the shape of the cornea, which guarantees up to 48 hours of clean vision. Night time lenses are reserved for patients with moderate to light myopia.

If you wish to treat your vision problem, different procedure suits different needs. Efficient and quick, these procedure usually don’t exceed 30 minutes. The only problem is that there are not reimbursed by your health carrier.

When ?

In the case of light to moderate myopia, the procedure that is best suited is Lasik in Tunisia: the surgeon will sculpt the cornea with a laser in order to correct the myopia. The procedure uses a simple local anesthesia. Pain free, the procedure allows the patients to regain a clear vision within 48 hours after the surgery.

If the patient’s cornea is too thin or has irregularities that prohibits the use of Lasik, excimer laser can be used during a procedure called PKR. Superficial layers of cornea are removed with the laser in order to correct the curvature. A little pain in the eyes can be felt during 24 hours after the surgery and a few weeks can be necessary for the patient’s vision to stabilize.


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