Myopia : some details put you at risk

According to a study conducted in Wales, you have 10% more risk to be nearsighted if you are the first born.

You are the elder brother? It’s a shame for your eyes. That’s what researchers from Cardiff University have brought to light based on Uk Biobank’s database. Elders in family have more myopia problems than their brothers and sisters according to the study published in the Jama Ophthalmology review.

Data was collected from 89000 people aged between 40 and 69 years old with no family precedents of myopia (in order to get rid of the genetic factor) and examined. The scientist compared the visual acuity with their birth order in the family. According to the study, elders have 10% more chances than their brothers and sisters to suffer from myopia and 20% when it’s a severe form of myopia.

The Researchers then tried to find a link with scholar education exposition. Myopia is linked with the important investment made by the parents in the education of their first child. By being stricter with the elder son, they expose him to factors responsible for myopia (reading, working on the computer etc.). Their brothers and sisters suffers less frequently from myopia simply because parents are less strict with them.

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