Make your makeup and your eye color match

If the eye are the reflection of the soul, how can you make them shine with makeup ?

If you spent a long day in front of the computer screen with tired look on your face, this is for you. You can make your eyes shine depending on your eye color.

Makeup with blue eyes

The color the complements best the blue is the orange, therefore woman with blue eyes should use makeup in this tone. For warmer colors, there’s bronze, caramel, peach apricot etc. Cool colors: rose, coral etc.

For a glamorous makeup, your best bet is iridescent gold. Darker colors like black and grey will also make your eyes look great.

Make up with green eyes

In order to match green eyes, the ideal is to create contrast with the following colors: brown, apricot, rose and purple. For a more discreet makeup, gold tones reals work well with green. For cool colors, there is purple, grey, pearl-grey, etc. Avoid blue and green which can put out your eyes.

Brown eyes

For a mysterious look in your eyes, exotic style and oriental princess, favor darker colors like grey, dark brown, black, gold, purple etc. Avoid bright colors (blue, rose, light green etc.), knowing that your eyes would look empty. Don’t hesitate to use your eyeliner generously for a mesmerizing look. An eye color change procedure is always possible if you wish to get a brighter iris color.


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