Those with blue eyes drink more alcohol !

There is a most strange and incredible study carried out in 2014.  As you wish to have lighter coloured eyes, did you know that blue-eyed persons drink more alcohol than others?  And you will respond, what has that to do with the colour of the iris?  Nothing of course, is the answer !

However, according to researchers at the university of Atlanta, such a relationship does seem to exist.  After a study comprising 10.860 male prisoners and 1.862 women, all Caucasians, it seems that in both groups, people with light coloured eyes drank more alcohol that those with dark coloured eyes.


According to some researchers, if people with lighter coloured eyes drink more than  others, it’s because they are less sensitive to the effects of alcohol.   So they drink greater quantities before they feel any effects of the alcohol and this increases the risk of becoming dependent.   Another astonishing result is that persons with lighter coloured eyes are more prone to feelings of anxiety and thus drink more to feel more at ease.

Some scientists believe that melanin,  in a more or less strong concentration,  gives the eyes their colour  and plays a role in these phenomena.

But the scientists don’t say whether a light coloured implant could have the same effect on you !


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