Lasik or old fashioned glasses ?

Usually when a new technology appears, a few others become obsolete. For thousands of years, horses were the main transportation and they were used for agricultural work. They were replaced when steam engine was born. Even modern technology like smartphones don’t last very long, it seems that a new version of the phone come out every two years.

Old technology don’t always gets forgotten when a better option appears. Even if Lasik surgery has been performed for a long time now, people still wear glasses that’s have been invented way before.

You must be asking yourself why you’re still wearing glasses aren’t you?

Ancient civilization contributed a lot in matters of politics, literature, and art but only a few developments were made in the field of refractive lenses.

Experiments were made during the Roman Empire period with rays of light going through recipients of water. Glasses are in fact so old that we don’t know exactly who invented them. Evidence points towards a group of people who experimented on polished glass used to deviate light when it entered the eye. Some manuscripts and findings from the 14th century in Italy support this theory.

Lasik was invented in the 20th century and is backed up by 25 years of good results. Glasses are definitely effective too, but that doesn’t mean they’re better than Lasik.


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