Identification by iris recognition

One thing is for sure, our eye is unique, and the chances of finding the exact same in our world are just null. This particularity is interesting for companies that specialize in biometrics. We often see our science-fiction hero identified by his eyes. However, unlike what you might think, eye color doesn’t take any part in the identification.

The most popular identification method is the digital print. But another avenue of research is developing: iris recognition. Scanned by a close infrared deice, the iris is coded and stored in a database. This will allow the person to be identified later on in a heartbeat. The iris cannot be confused with another one.

Identification is not based on a variation of color. What is unique, is the iris’s structure. Made of six thousand fiber beams around the pupil, they form a screen with a unique entanglement for each eye.

The iris is therefore perfect for biometrics but the difficulty of getting a precise image delayed its large use. Soon, devices will scan our eyes and identify us just like espionage movies.

The color of the iris is what give the eyes their color and you can change your eye color in Tunisia thanks to the newest trend in the intraocular implant: silicone colored iris implants. This is not science-fiction, you can view the results of the procedure in our gallery.

If you want blue eyes, well you can get them.


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