Should sunglasses be worn in the winter ?

Sunglasses are synonymous with summer and  pleasant summer days. With the cold and dull weather, this question seem to be out of place!  And yet the ophthalmologists are unanimous:  it is recommended to wear sunglass in the winter in certain situation.  Let us explain !

Should sunglasses be worn in the winter

To give you a clear and simple answer, we will talk about the UV.   We do agree that the UV rays are bad for your eyes.  Both in the winter and in the summer the sun emits UV rays and they are harmful to our eyes throughout the whole year. Whether you are wearing an anorak or sitting on the beach you are still exposed to these rays.

Be careful with winter sports !

If you intend to spend your holidays in the mountains then you must wear sunglasses.  The sun will be even more dangerous as the levels of UV increase by 10% every 1000 meters and the snow reflects approx. 80%  of the UV rays.

And the figures ?

If you are still not convinced of the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes and if you think that those who wear them in the winter do so for fun,  then let us enlighten you that even when it is cloudy, when you are out in the street, 42% of the UV rays  reach your ocular system and 50% of the UV  which get through to your eyes come from the reflection from surfaces like windows or pavements.


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