Exercises to improve vision


Exercises to improve vision exist since dozens of years and we can find traces in articles dating from 1920. Part of these exercises aren’t made to improve vision, but to take care of them make them less tired, which will indirectly improve vision. We all spend an awful lot of time in front of the computer screen or fixing something too close to our eyes, this habit tires the eyes a lot, it is therefore very important to take breaks every now and then to relax the eyes and avoid damaging them. Every 3 hours is a good period of time if you work in front of the computer, as an electrician or sewing. During this pause, fix a point that is far during a few seconds, go back to normal and try this a few times more. You can then close your eyes and make them move up and down during a minute. This way, the eyes will get tired less quickly and will take less damage from work, which will improve your vision if you suffer from eye strain.

Vitamin A can be found in carrots, cabbage, spinach and other green vegetables. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruit, kiwi, green pepper, broccoli, red fruit etc. Vitamin E can be found in vegetable fat and cereals.

Improving vision is as you might have understood an everyday work. Resting the eyes when necessary and having a good diet are the key elements to a good vision. Implant Iris can treat any eye condition you may suffer from, we are also able to change the eye color.


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