Corrective eye glasses; made-to-order tinted glasses !

You are wearing corrective glasses and they darken under the effect of the outside luminosity! You would tell us that this is logical ! However, you often regret that you cannot influence the tint of your glasses and adapt them to your needs rather than to the outside luminosity. So this new invention should please you !


According to the results of a study carried out by the Georgia Institute of Technology, it will soon be possible for you to tint your corrective glasses in an instant whenever you want. The photochromic lenses or the “tinted glasses” as they are commonly known which are nowadays available on the market have their limits.
In fact the transition phase of glasses is sometimes slow when the sun disappears and this is not very practical in daily life as it takes time for the glasses to change colour. As for the future glasses, they will be able to change into sunglasses with a simple click thanks to a small electric switch. So the glasses will become sunglasses within a few seconds and it will be possible to choose the colour of the lenses and not just having to put up with a given colour.


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