Coloured iris implant for medical reasons

It is often thought that the coloured iris implant is used for aesthetic reasons.  However, originally it was used for purely medical reasons.  As this operation turned out to be so successful with few secondary effects, the ophthalmologists
accepted the fact that this implant can be used to change a person’s look.


The artificial  iris  implant deals with defects of the iris such as the coloboma, serious atrophies of the iris and iridoschisis.  In fact, in some cases the visual defect can only be corrected by placing a lens inside the eye or an implant.   In such a case, the coloured implant can improve the aesthetic  look and change the patient’s appearance.

If your general  practitioner recommends an iris implant to correct a visual defect, then you can opt for a coloured iris implant.  You don’t have to be apprehensive, it is painless and it means inserting a coloured implant inside the eye, over the iris.  This implant consists of a coloured, annular  artificial  iris.

where  can  this  operation  be  done ?

First it should be known that today the American and world leader of the coloured artificial iris implants is BrightOcular.   The  BRIGHTOCULAR implants are manufactured from ophthalmological quality silicon. The implants are shaped and  designed in an ISO13485  certified laboratory in France in conformity with the highest standard of  medical devices in the world.   is the exclusive partner in  Tunisia of  BRIGHTOCULAR.  By choosing to be operated in Tunisia, you will benefit from:

  • The know-how and the recognized expertise of our surgeon
  • a welcoming and paradise-like destination to spend a few days of convalescence in the sun
  • BRIGHTOCULAR  certified

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