Colored lenses FAQ

Can everybody wear colored lenses?

Yes, lenses can correct vision problems or not. They can be used as a fashion accessory in order to simply change the color of the eyes.

My friend is wearing colored contact lenses, can i wear them to try it out?

No! When it comes to contact lenses, never barrow or exchange them with someone else. Exchanging lenses are often responsible for eye infections and conjunctivitis. The use of colored lenses must be individual, it follows the same rules as normal lenses and the same maintenance must be respected.

I want to try colored lenses, do I have to get a prescription?

No. Colored lenses that doesn’t correct vision don’t require prescriptions. If you decide to wear colored lenses regularly, you should make sure your eyes can bear them with your ophthalmologist.
This verification is necessary to ensure the absence of irritation that can sometimes occur when lenses are often used.

Will the color be the same whether I have bright eyes or not?

No! Colored lenses must mix well with your eye color in order to get natural results. That is why bands of colors are applied when lenses are manufactured in order to resemble to the natural iris.
There are a few transparent areas on the lenses that let your natural color show.

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