Change the color of your eyes!

You’re wondering what it would be like to have blues eyes because you’re tired of wearing lenses. What if you were told you could change your eye color to blue permanently? You don’t believe it?
BrightOcular’s colored iris implants have been used for a long time now and they are totally safe!
You can change your eye color  for a very competitive price.

BrightOcular implants: how does it work?

Colored iris implants are the latest trend. BrightOcular makes this possible by providing patients with a large variety of colors. An experienced ophthalmic surgeon can perform the procedure during which a silicone iris implant is placed in the eye in order to give the patient a new eye color.

Any warnings ?

BrightOcular’s silicone iris implants don’t endanger they eyes in any way, you should still visit your ophthalmologist every six months to get your eyes checked.

Your surgeon will take every precaution and make sure you can get the implants without risks. Your medical history will be reviewed and eye exams will be performed (visual acuity, intra-ocular pressure etc.).

Hesitating ?

It’s no easy choice of course, even if you’ve been dreaming about blue eyes since forever. Visit your ophthalmologist to get more information about the procedure and find out how you can get the surgery.


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