Actor Andrey Smygov permanently changes his eyes color to blue

Andrey Smygov came from Los Angeles to change his eye color to blue in Tunisia. Actor, he runs a Youtube channel with lots of fans and subscribers. He’s always wanted blue eyes and he’s now able to enjoy them thanks to Implant-Iris. The results are excellent and the procedure went perfectly : Andrey is extremely satisfied with his new eyes.

Actor and the singer Khalil Underwood changes his eyes color to ice grey

Khalil Underwood is an actor, singer and voice-actor from Los Angeles, California. He came to Tunisia for an eye color change procedure. His friend told him he could get the procedure in Tunisia so he didn’t hesitate and made the trip to get Ice Grey eyes!

Change the colour of your eyes into blue : Dilan’s testimony

Dilan comes from France, she’s a student and she contacted our agency Implant Iris in order to get an eye color change procedure with blue iris implants, wich is the eye color she always loved. After different exams with our doctor to make sure she could get the procedure done safely, she underwent the surgery. Watch the video to discover her new beautiful eyes!