Brighten your eyes with implants and feel beautiful

Getting colored iris implants can give you a whole new look. Clearly, if you don’t like the color of your eyes, an eye color change can do a lot for you. How do you feel about getting Brightocular’s colored implants in order to permanently change the color of your eyes?

Get the best quality

The iris implants we are using are made by Brightocular and this is a real pledge of quality. It’s our duty to inform you that implant-iris is the exclusive Brightocular’s iris implants distributor in Africa. This surgery is performed by Doctor Osama Al Nahrawy, a well-known ophthalmic surgeon recognized throughout the scientific community.

Get the best price

The eye color change procedure in Cairo is not expensive, in fact, everyone can access that surgery! we offer the best prices, and the cost of the procedure will cover every aspects of your stay (hotel, hospital, etc.). Stop thinking about it and do it; we can give all the information you need on the phone.


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