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Lasik : the pros

The Lasik procedure allows :

  • A finer cutting of the cornea

The femtosecond laser can cut a 100 to 120 microns thick lamella, the mechanical microkeratome can only cut a 160 microns thick lamella. The thickness of the cornea remaining under the flap being more important, the excimer laser has more cornea thickness to work with to treat the visual defect which has the advantage of enlarging the indications and increase the diameter of the treatment site in order to reduce unwanted aftereffect during nighttime.Read more…

Is ophthalmic migraine caused by a vision defect ?

Even if a vision defect such as hyperopia can sometimes cause headaches, those have nothing to do with migraines’ pain.

Ophthalmic migraine

Migraines can sometimes be the cause of visual manifestations such as luminous dots or dark spots. This is called ophthalmic migraine.

The vision troubles induced are more or less important, the can have different forms. Luminous dots, or dark spots is the visual field. Partial vision loss can sometimes occur 5 to 30 minutes before the ophthalmic migraine.Read more…

Careful when wearing colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses and fantasy lenses are well-known product that seduces people for an occasional use. But did you know those lenses require the same level of maintenance than corrective contact lenses ?Read more…