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Identification by iris recognition

One thing is for sure, our eye is unique, and the chances of finding the exact same in our world are just null. This particularity is interesting for companies that specialize in biometrics. We often see our science-fiction hero identified by his eyes. However, unlike what you might think, eye color doesn’t take any part in the identification.Read more…

Myopia: when should i get the procedure?

Which treatments ?

No matter the severity of the myopia, the deficiency of the eye can easily be counterbalanced by the use of glasses that suit your vision. Contact lenses can also be a good option. Although they are more discreet, they are more demanding in terms of maintenance because they need to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid irritation of the eye. Long duration contact lenses in particular need to be cleaned and decontaminated every day.Read more…

A robot performing ophthalmic surgeries ?


Robotics allow an expansion in the field of ophthalmic surgery by diminishing complication rates.

Sutures of conjunctival and corneal wounds, amniotic membrane transplants, trabeculectomy and keratoplasty were all performed with success on animals using the Da Vinci Si HD robot. Theses satisfactory results allow a prospective study with humans. To this day, no robotized ophthalmic surgeries exist.

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