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Does your eye color reflect your personality ?

Discover what researchers concluded about the color of a person’s eyes.

Iridology is the study of the iris. Researchers in the field might have discovered a link between the eye color and temper. According to them, there is multiple factors that can influence our health and our personality could be one of them, those factors could be revealed by the color of our iris.

Bright colored iris could be a sign of discretion and shyness whereas dark colored eyes reveals a strong and active personality. Even if there’s a lot of colors of the iris, the scientists think the different categories of colors can be associated with certain behaviors.

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Myopia : some details put you at risk

According to a study conducted in Wales, you have 10% more risk to be nearsighted if you are the first born.

You are the elder brother? It’s a shame for your eyes. That’s what researchers from Cardiff University have brought to light based on Uk Biobank’s database. Elders in family have more myopia problems than their brothers and sisters according to the study published in the Jama Ophthalmology review.Read more…

Colored lenses FAQ

Can everybody wear colored lenses?

Yes, lenses can correct vision problems or not. They can be used as a fashion accessory in order to simply change the color of the eyes.

My friend is wearing colored contact lenses, can i wear them to try it out?

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Ophthalmology and social networks

Social networks were born in 2000. Ophthalmologists are nowadays forced to take an interest in them, here is why.

By the end of 2010, 75% off internet users were visiting these social networks, this was taking 22% of their time spent online with an increase of respectively 24% and 66% in a year. In December 2010, social networks were reaching 84% of internet users. This exponential increase concerns the majority of social networks including Facebook and Twitter.Read more…